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This website was created to help U.S. citizens live their most fruitful lives and retire with confidence. We provide clear and practical information to our readers to answer every question they have about Social Security, Medicare, aging, and retirement. Our federal, state and local benefit systems were put in place to help you, but they are often complex and difficult to parse.

We want to help you harness the breadth of government-funded services you’re entitled to, and find which best suits your unique situation.

We are committed to cultivating this free resource.

We recognize how much each individual has contributed to this country and consider it an honor to be able to give back in this small, meaningful way.

Our Mission

Regardless of your gender, age, race, religion, cultural background, or disabilities, we see every person as deserving of dignity and respect. Our mission is to provide information that will help you live less burdened by the hardships of a disability or the prospect of outliving your retirement savings.

We want to empower our community to utilize the benefits you have earned, plan your future proactively, and successfully navigate the path from where you are to where you want to be.

Editorial Policy & Standards

We adhere to strict editorial standards to ensure the quality of all BetterBenefits content. Each resource is carefully researched and edited to ensure accuracy before publishing. All sourcing comes from U.S. federal agencies, highly regarded news outlets, peer-reviewed journals, non-profits, and reputable subject matter experts.

We operate completely independently, and information published on this site is never influenced by advertisers. We take our editorial process very seriously so that our guides, resources, and articles remain unbiased and aligned with our mission.

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We will always respect your privacy. In the interest of protecting your identity, we ask that you never enter your Social Security number or any other private information anywhere on this site.

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How We Stay Cost-Free

We are not affiliated with the government and do not receive funding from any public entity. We are able to remain cost-free for users by utilizing third-party on-site advertising. Advertisers do not have any influence on the content of this site – and we do not endorse any partner products or services.

Advocating for Our Readers

We are not owned or influenced by the U.S. government, and take our responsibility as a neutral third-party to heart. Our goal is to provide the best information we possibly can to help you make decisions that can positively impact your life.

While you will likely have to work directly with the government to secure benefits or utilize services, we want to make sure you’re getting information you can trust. We will always put you first.