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If you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability in Florida, then you should weigh the benefits of hiring an attorney. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can significantly improve the odds that your case will be approved.

Social Security data from Florida reveals that 45% of the Social Security disability claims are denied on average. Of course, most applicants that have been denied on their first attempt appeal the decision. However, the chances of approval are even worse in the first phase of the appeals process, which is formally known as reconsideration.

The vast majority of claimants will have to wait until their hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) to have a significant chance of approval.

Florida has 8 Hearing Offices where you can go to have your case heard by an ALJ. They are listed in the above table.

Most successful Social Security disability claims are approved during the hearing, largely because the ALJs have more leeway in the way they handle claims and can actually see and hear you while you present evidence of your disability.

Overall, 36% of Florida disability hearings result in an disability benefits being awarded.

On average, Florida residents wait 559 days for their hearing before an ALJ. Some Hearing Offices are more favorable than others.

Disability Statistics for Florida
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing Wait TimeAverage Processing TimeAvg. Dispositions Per Day Per ALJCases DismissedCases ApprovedCases Denied
Tallahassee813 months466 days1.5327%25%48%
St. Petersburg1216 months544 days2.1311%34%55%
Ft. Myers612 months451 days2.0113%40%47%
Tampa1718 months625 days1.9817%51%32%
Fort Lauderdale2018 months597 days1.4344%27%29%
Jacksonville1720 months617 days1.4416%30%54%
Miami1017 months578 days1.799%38%53%
Orlando1618 months592 days1.9312%45%42%
All Florida017 months559 days1.7819%36%45%
All Administrative Law Judges in Florida
JudgeCity of OperationFull FavorablePart FavorableTotal ALJ DispositionsTotal AwardsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal Dispositions
James P AlderisioSt. Petersburg9091909916061190
Sylvia H AlonsoFort Lauderdale27918536141105185
Thurman AndersonFort Lauderdale7471338110221133
James AndresFort Lauderdale4429346752993
Eric AnschuetzFt. Myers3671304310259130
Clara H ArandaMiami1304813271448
Charles J ArnoldFt. Myers8661259210513125
Robert BallieuTampa4039143763391
K. BarlowJacksonville2538628562886
Mary BrennanFort Lauderdale35161415110958141
Michael CalabroOrlando501855018
Stephen C CalvareseJacksonville2659531835295
Steven L. CarnesTallahassee2303923341139
Michael CarrFort Lauderdale001150111
James C CartledgeMiami72101858214159185
Gracian A CelayaMiami4771335410046133
Yelanda CollinsJacksonville4515106608525106
Arline ColonSt. Petersburg777114513771
Margaret CraigTampa465103518231103
Sarah CyrusFort Lauderdale4228744682487
Rossana L D'AlessioFort Lauderdale7661428212341142
John DawkinsTampa4591455412975145
Elizabeth De GruyMiami10481323
Joseph F DentSt. Petersburg2461373011383137
Kevin J DetherageOrlando2510106357641106
Andrew Dixon IIITallahassee5915115749925115
Amber DownsTampa289104378245104
Robert DrokerJacksonville2429926775199
Kurt G EhrmanTampa3851384311875138
Kathleen H EilerOrlando13108223654282
Jeffrey A FergusonOrlando38251356311148135
Kelley FitzgeraldJacksonville3710118479649118
Gregory J FroehlichJacksonville2837031602970
Eric S. FulcherOrlando48151596312259159
Richard P GartnerSt. Petersburg571132589941132
Robert GillFort Lauderdale4139444621894
Laurel J GreeneSt. Petersburg814111859813111
William H GreerJacksonville3019631683796
M. HartJacksonville16117427633674
Joshua R HellerTallahassee5118108699021108
Norman HemmingMiami494126539845126
David HermanTallahassee2811109398344109
Richard HlaudyJacksonville01951323
Mark HockensmithJacksonville31210533673488
Pamela HoustonOrlando3781564511974156
Lloyd E Hubler IIISt. Petersburg3141473510267147
Wendy HunnFort Lauderdale4910131599839131
Valencia JarvisFort Lauderdale36439342543
Ryan JohannesFt. Myers74101498412945149
Paul L JohnstonTampa110314611312310146
Emily KirkOrlando3310111439754111
Ryan KirznerTampa5911626012767160
Guy KosterJacksonville2738430471784
Barry C LaBodaOrlando545915967891
Lissette LabrousseFort Lauderdale001003310
Robert J LabrumFort Lauderdale00740111
Bruce LandrumJacksonville2548029562780
Tracey B LeibowitzMiami5541835913374183
Janet MahonOrlando6371597011242159
Maria T MandryOrlando6191227011646122
Lisa B MartinFort Lauderdale001180333
Shirley A MarzanTampa564103608626103
Janet McCamleyTallahassee456102517928102
Carl C McGheeTampa505105558126105
Melissa J McIntoshTampa75151519013646151
John D McNamee-AlemanySt. Petersburg9811289911213128
Jr., John M MeisburgJacksonville663111699324111
Scott T MillerSt. Petersburg9017912317
Angela L NeelOrlando4531724812779172
Maria C NorthingtonFt. Myers4959854873398
Julio OcampoOrlando160161616016
Richard J Ortiz-ValeroFort Lauderdale505128559338128
Stacy PaddackTallahassee4024956473995
Robin R PalenskeFort Lauderdale00530001
Denise PasvantisFort Lauderdale5031295310552129
Carol J PennockMiami2917230411172
Jose Perez-GonzalezFort Lauderdale5019351671693
Jr., Daniel A PilosenoTampa643100678316100
Bernard PorterJacksonville1979826664098
Lisa RaleighTallahassee3088038672980
Lornette ReynoldsMiami2315114388244114
Raymond RodgersFt. Myers8851799315057179
Michael A RodriguezTampa1955724492557
E Rodriguez-QuilichiniOrlando473127508737127
R. Dirk SellandTampa2617527613475
Steven D SlahtaTampa6791257610125125
Donald G SmithSt. Petersburg71111928216684192
Anne V SpragueSt. Petersburg372128398445128
Jonathan SpragueFort Lauderdale62131327511338132
Emily R StatumOrlando556129619837129
Alisa M TapiaTallahassee10137523522975
Pedro Tejada-RiveraOrlando552121579538116
Ken B TerryJacksonville3227534663275
Jr., John D. ThompsonJacksonville2729829744598
Michelle ThompsonFort Lauderdale20932202
Elving L TorresSt. Petersburg3681474412682147
Brian TurnerFort Lauderdale8951429411420142
Gonzalo VallecilloTampa32191525112069152
Douglas A WalkerOrlando446119508636119
Melissa WarnerJacksonville21310124371363
Glen H. WatkinsTampa1881562611993156
Ena WeathersMiami1878025512668
Rebecca WolfeMiami4631234910455123
Duane D YoungFt. Myers144321827932
Norman R ZamboniSt. Petersburg512105537421105
Barbara J ZanottiTampa2467930643479
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