New Hampshire Social Security Disability Lawyers

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If you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability in New Hampshire, then you should weigh the benefits of hiring an attorney. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can significantly improve the odds that your case will be approved.

Social Security data from New Hampshire reveals that 55% of the Social Security disability claims are denied on average. Of course, most applicants that have been denied on their first attempt appeal the decision. However, the chances of approval are even worse in the first phase of the appeals process, which is formally known as reconsideration.

The vast majority of claimants will have to wait until their hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) to have a significant chance of approval.

New Hampshire has 1 Hearing Offices where you can go to have your case heard by an ALJ. They are listed in the above table.

Most successful Social Security disability claims are approved during the hearing, largely because the ALJs have more leeway in the way they handle claims and can actually see and hear you while you present evidence of your disability.

Overall, 25% of New Hampshire disability hearings result in an disability benefits being awarded.

On average, New Hampshire residents wait 368 days for their hearing before an ALJ. Some Hearing Offices are more favorable than others.

Disability Statistics for New Hampshire
Office Judges Avg. Hearing Wait Time Average Processing Time Avg. Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ Cases Dismissed Cases Approved Cases Denied
Manchester 9 12 months 368 days 1.79 20% 25% 55%
All New Hampshire 0 12 months 368 days 1.79 20% 25% 55%
All Administrative Law Judges in New Hampshire
Judge City of Operation Full Favorable Part Favorable Total ALJ Dispositions Total Awards Total Decisions Total Denials Total Dispositions
Lisa Groeneveld-Meijer Manchester 53 5 113 58 78 20 113
Tracy LaChance Manchester 37 5 101 42 78 36 101
Matthew G Levin Manchester 34 5 132 39 85 46 132
Matthew Malfa Manchester 36 3 81 39 49 10 81
Edward Malvey Manchester 36 2 105 38 71 33 105
Paul G Martin Manchester 43 7 102 50 81 31 102
Joshua Menard Manchester 23 3 99 26 73 47 99
Thomas Merrill Manchester 16 2 97 18 59 41 97
Dory Sutker Manchester 49 5 121 54 90 36 121
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