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If you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability in New York, then you should weigh the benefits of hiring an attorney. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can significantly improve the odds that your case will be approved.

Social Security data from New York reveals that 40% of the Social Security disability claims are denied on average. Of course, most applicants that have been denied on their first attempt appeal the decision. However, the chances of approval are even worse in the first phase of the appeals process, which is formally known as reconsideration.

The vast majority of claimants will have to wait until their hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) to have a significant chance of approval.

New York has 10 Hearing Offices where you can go to have your case heard by an ALJ. They are listed in the above table.

Most successful Social Security disability claims are approved during the hearing, largely because the ALJs have more leeway in the way they handle claims and can actually see and hear you while you present evidence of your disability.

Overall, 40% of New York disability hearings result in an disability benefits being awarded.

On average, New York residents wait 623 days for their hearing before an ALJ. Some Hearing Offices are more favorable than others.

Disability Statistics for New York
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing Wait TimeAverage Processing TimeAvg. Dispositions Per Day Per ALJCases DismissedCases ApprovedCases Denied
Syracuse1119 months567 days2.1216%46%38%
Buffalo1222 months660 days1.4416%37%47%
Jamaica919 months615 days1.8210%38%52%
Bronx818 months591 days2.2020%25%55%
Albany1217 months587 days2.0226%30%44%
New York821 months642 days1.2531%42%27%
Central Islip822 months629 days1.7227%53%20%
New York1422 months711 days1.5218%33%49%
White Plains1118 months585 days1.6013%43%44%
Rochester423 months639 days1.5819%56%25%
All New York020 months623 days1.7320%40%40%
All Administrative Law Judges in New York
JudgeCity of OperationFull FavorablePart FavorableTotal ALJ DispositionsTotal AwardsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal Dispositions
Michelle I AllenJamaica23106133451261
Asad M. Ba-YunusAlbany3091423911980142
Bryce BairdBuffalo3458239602182
John J BarryWhite Plains263542936754
Stephan BellBuffalo489105578326105
Alan B BerkowitzCentral Islip487117557722117
Dale Black-PenningtonAlbany473106509141106
Vincent M CascioWhite Plains487128559843128
Jay L CohenJamaica456109518231109
Stephen CordovaniBuffalo258118338653118
John P CostelloRochester472109497728109
Brian J CrawleyCentral Islip68610574828105
Michael W DevlinRochester378944554994
Sandra R DiMaggio WallisWhite Plains120991219737
Margaret A DonaghyJamaica4137944642079
Robert C DorfNew York698117779821117
Katherine EdgellWhite Plains19189837794298
Jeremy G EldredSyracuse493123529543123
Joseph R FaragunaCentral Islip673120708616120
John G FarrellAlbany5891216710437121
Bruce S FeinSyracuse4511135569842135
Elias FeuerBronx2158326643883
Michael FriedmanNew York741291119825
Michael FriedmanJamaica4212129547824104
Paul GeorgerBuffalo408113488840113
Lynette GohrBuffalo1187219614272
Robert GonzalezWhite Plains3967845652078
Thomas C GrayNew York69131308210119130
Gretchen M GreislerSyracuse2711117387941117
Seth I GrossmanNew York3071453710164145
Edward H HeinNew York365103416120103
Maria Herrero-JaarsmaBuffalo24108934784489
Robyn L HoffmanSyracuse324124368347124
Ifeoma N IwuamadiJamaica3823122619433122
Melissa L JonesBuffalo3449138642691
Brian KaneRochester418102497021102
Brian G KannerBronx6061516612458151
Dennis G KatzWhite Plains505112558934112
James KearnsBuffalo00540113
James KearnsNew York8054813522
James KearnsNew York160541621529
Paul F KellyAlbany92814210011919142
Patrick KilgannonCentral Islip3147535531875
Elizabeth W KoenneckeSyracuse2358528562885
Brian LeCoursAlbany62111627314774162
Brian W LemoineWhite Plains584102628018102
Alexander G LevineBronx6991777813153177
John M LischakSyracuse60510265716102
Michelle S MarcusAlbany192352129835
Mary MattimoreBuffalo2419119438845119
Kieran McCormackWhite Plains35191295411157129
Janet McEneaneyNew York2325925441959
Timothy M McGuanBuffalo348103428139103
Sandra M McKennaJamaica7941318310522131
Lau Michalec OlszewskiNew York10841101
Lau Michalec OlszewskiWhite Plains2838431613083
Jason A MillerNew York419122508232122
Jude B MulveySyracuse39171465610953146
Lynn NeugebauerBronx61181307910930130
David F NeumannAlbany81131709414652170
Connor O'BrienRochester381683946768
Arthur PataneAlbany6271286910738128
Margaret L PecoraroJamaica72511077847110
Gloria PellegrinoJamaica2761363310875136
Moises PenalverNew York357724250872
Marissa A PizzutoNew York642116668317116
John P RamosSyracuse408110488133110
Sommattie RamrupNew York2416625452066
M. ReevesNew York1498223502782
Gitel ReichNew York557119628018119
David RomeoSyracuse52131596511550159
Lori RomeoNew York3614115507828115
Kimberly L SchiroBronx6061326610741132
Robert R SchriverJamaica4515116609131116
Joani SedacaNew York499125588325125
Miriam L ShireBronx333116367943116
Sharda SinghWhite Plains4091094910051109
Jennifer G SmithSyracuse3610125468943125
Mark SolomonNew York2811121398950121
Jr., Andrew J. SoltesAlbany28221295011262129
Mary SparksAlbany1905219371852
Michael J StacchiniWhite Plains415108468438108
Linda A StagnoNew York4314710314
Carl E StephanAlbany443105478437105
Flor M SuarezNew York406112467529112
Kenneth TheurerSyracuse4161494711467149
David TobiasCentral Islip75111438611125143
Lucian A VecchioNew York751136769923136
Ronald L WaldmanCentral Islip66711773829117
Selwyn S WaltersBronx545140599738140
Melissa WarnerNew York1601011617117
William M WeirBuffalo349111438340111
Andrew S WeissCentral Islip507131579942131
Zachary S WeissBronx559108647915108
April M WexlerCentral Islip211213415
Robert WrightAlbany7251417712043141
Marilyn D ZahmBuffalo6017611517
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