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Address: 10416 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Henderson Social Security office is located at Henderson 89052. The Nevada SSA regulates several federally run programs like retirement, SSI, Medicare and disability benefits. The following page contains useful contact information for this location such as the Social Security office phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions. If you have any issues or inquiries about your retirement Social Security benefits or interested in planning an appointment, call the following Henderson Social Security office.

Directions to the Henderson Social Security Office – 10416 S Eastern Ave Office

Directions To Henderson Ssa Office:i-215 E Beltway-take Eastern Ave South To Coronado Center Dr, Turn Left At Light, Then First Right Into Shopping Plaza, And Follow To Circular Drive With Flag Pole. Located In South Pointe Plaza.

6 Reviews of the Henderson Social Security Office – 10416 S Eastern Ave Office
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Tracy Leahy

Went there on concerns for my grandkids who receive SSI and social security gives it to the father who doesn't even buy the kids food nor pay any bills that's why they now live withe And social security will not even listen to what we said nor change payee of grandkids. Went there last week again the lady was so rude actually got up from window and walked away as I didn't even exist. So they allow payres to jabe children living on streets instead of their place to live sick. This is fraud and nobody cares.of someone taking the SSI money and not using ot for the children that it goes to. I brought receipts and everything and this lady totally ignored it. She should t even work there for it's not legal to take someone's money and not use it for the people. Last week a supervisor told me I had to go to the person that got the money and get it back that's a bunch of bull social security paid to this person they need to take action not me it's their job not mine

Lp Gear

I had a very positive experience at this office when I needed to update my SS card and also applied for retirement benefits on 12.11.2018. Kirsten was very professional and helpful, she answered all my questions and provided advice to ensure proper completion of forms. I had read awful reviews about this office and its personnel. From queueing outside to exiting, my total experience contradicts those bad reviews and shows that there are many people around us who are humane and hard-working.




My experience with the Social Security office was a mix bag, although the Henderson office was amazing especially working with Cathy. The wait time was not long, and everyone seem to be very professional. Unfortunately, my problem went up higher on the food chain and the local could not resolve my problem. I had been denied my monthly benefits due to someone making the decision to deny me due process. I was sent a letter by Social Security that I had an overpayment for the year 2018, and that I would have 30 days to respond. I was given three options, one pay in full, two dispute the over payment or three make an agreement to make monthly payments. I went down to the Henderson office and was told that the SS Administration office had already taken my benefits without allowing me to make any kind of rebuttal. Although they were wrong by not allowing me “due process” there was nothing the Henderson office could do as hard as they could to make it right. My rating is 5 stars for the local office and negative 10 stars for the regional processing center.

Deborah OConnor

Would like to give 5 stars due to having such a professional and caring case worker. Kristen was so pleasant and very helpful and displayed empathy which was so needed as I was having a very hard time navigating through the system regarding medicare. Thank you Kristen for all your help! So appreciated!


This is a belated thank you note to Ms. Anne H. in the Social Security (SS) office at 10416 S. Eastern, Henderson, NV. I was in said SS office on Jan 31, 2020 to "update" my SS card. Anne verified my documentation then quickly updated my SS card information. Anne was very pleasant, helpful, and an excellent listener who patiently answered my questions. Near the end of my appointment, Anne noticed that I was eligible for Medicare in April 2020, so, she signed me up for Medicare, thereby saved me from another visit to the SS office. Anne's help and professionalism is much appreciated; and I believe she makes the Henderson SS office a better place for all of us.

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