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Address: 123 William St, New York, NY 10038
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The New York Social Security office is located in New York 10038. The following page includes information for this location like the office phone number, hours of operation and driving directions. If you have any curiosities or worries about your Social Security benefits or are interested in planning an appointment, call the following New York Social Security office.

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The Office Is Located On William Street Between Fulton And John. We Are Near The 2,3,4,5,a,c,r And Z Subway Lines As Well As The Path Trains. We Are Co-located With The Manhattan Card Center 00z, 866-657-3406

1 Review of the New York Social Security Office – 123 William St Office

Raúl Adriasola Anguita

Gentlement, my name is Raúl Adriasola Anguita, born in Santiago de Chile in 1930. Moved to the USA en 1957, entered the country with a green card received at the American consulate in Santiago, the same year and my Chilean passport. In Washington DC I got my Soc. Sec. under my Professional name JORGE RIOS, actor,musician, singer. At the time I had decided that eventually I Would legalize my professional name to simplify things. AS time went by, I realized that I could live with the two names without a problem. So my bank acct., my union cards (Local 802 Musicians-Aftra-=Sag and Eqiuity) were also given to Jorge Ríos. For 50 years, never had a problem. But, at age 89, which is what I am, I decided to move back to Chile for obvious reasons. Here comes the problem: To get my SS monthly check Ihad to change my name in my SS card and put my legal name of Raúl Adriasola Anguita on it, my professional name has no validity in Chile. So, I started the process in court, in NYC at 111 Worth ST. The petition was granted and I took the document to Soc, Sec. at 123 William St where Iwas interviewed by a Mr. Norton. I given him, aside from the legal document , the name of the Bank in Chile, the number of the acct. etc.etc. So I came to Chile convinced that in march I would get my first check. It hasn't happened, why? No idea, I have sent e emails to the world, so to speak,with no results. I worked for 45 years. The SS number was from the beginning 577-54-8572 and is still the same with the name Raúl Adriasola Anguita. The name of the bank in Santiago, Chile is Banco Estado del Chile, locatedal Avenida Providencia 1710, Santiago, Chile. The name of the Raúl Adriasola Anguita is a RUT Account. Number acct. 2.518.619-2 My address: Carlos Antúnez 1960 apt. 808, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Tele. 223419523. Hopping for the best , thanks a lot . R.Adriasola Anguital- Email.: [email protected]

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