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Address: 145 Rowan St, Fayetteville, NC 28301
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Fayetteville Social Security office is located at Fayetteville 28301. The North Carolina SSA regulates different federally run programs like retirement, SSI, Medicare and disability benefits. The following page contains available contact information for this location such as the Social Security office phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions. If you have any concerns or inquiries related to your retirement Social Security benefits or interested in making an appointment, call the following Fayetteville Social Security office.

Directions to the Fayetteville Social Security Office – 145 Rowan St Office

The Office Is Located At 145 Rowan Street Which Is Across The Street Directly In Front Of Liberty Gas Station. We Can Handle Your Needs Online Or By Phone, But If You Need To Visit Our Office, The Best Time To Do Sois Tuesday Or Friday. There Are No Contact Stations In Our Service Area.

4 Reviews of the Fayetteville Social Security Office – 145 Rowan St Office
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Reading through the past reviews, I’m really surprised how my experience was a whole lot different. Before I got to the SS Office, I already assumed I was going to be there for hours. I got there 15 minutes before it opened, and there was a long line forming outside already. Right at 0858, the security team came out and briefed us about the inspection that we’re going through once we enter the building. The inspection didn’t take long at all. Once in the building, we were instructed to sign in at the kiosk and it will print out a receipt that had a number on it. The clerks would announce the next number once they’re ready, and they also had a TV set up where you can see what number got called and into what window. I was there no longer than 30 minutes. The clerk that I had worked efficiently and she knew what she was doing. And as for parking, I also thought the lot was pretty small— but turns out, they have an extended one right behind the building that has more space. I get the trick is, just get there early and have everything they need from you to assist you.

Terrie Jordan

I took my brother to the Fayetteville office today. Ms. Wright helped navigate us through the disability application. She was so kind, respectful and patient as my brother gave her lots of medical information. We had a wonderful experience! I dreaded going because I've heard horror stories about beginning the disability process. Ms. Wright made it as painless as possible. Kudos to her!


I have notified this office 2 times about my address change. 3 months later it is still not done.

cecil cavenaugh sr.

it has been since august since my son got his check, a mix up in direct deposit, its almost November and they still don't have it straight..would appreciate any help to get it straightened out.

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