Hannibal Social Security Office – 155 Forrest Dr

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Address: 155 Forrest Dr, Hannibal, MO 63401
Hours: Closed Now: Closed Today

Your local Social Security office is closed for in-person service until further notice. You are still able to access critical services via phone, fax and online. We encourage you to use the resource guides on this website to answer you questions.

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Office Details

The Hannibal Social Security office is located at 155 Forrest Drive. The Hannibal office presents information, assistance and services handled by the Social Security Administration. The following page has information for this location like the office phone number, hours of operation and driving directions. If you have questions or worries about your retirement Social Security benefits, or you need to schedule an appointment, contact the Hannibal Social Security office.

Directions to the Hannibal Social Security Office – 155 Forrest Dr Office

The Office Is Out By The Hospital. Take Hwy 36 To The Shinn Lane Exit. Go South On Shinn Lane And Turn Right On Forrest Drive.

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So you are only open until 4! I work until 5 so of course it is impossible to get here since from everything I hear it is never a quick trip in here. I sent my fiance' in (with everything he would need including a notarized statement by me)(he also works later). He was there at 3:45 p.m. and was told there was nothing they could do because it was too late. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO WORK THEN DO NOT! There are working people out here trying to get things taken care of and they cannot because your staff IS TOO LAZY to stay a few extra minutes. This is just ridiculous. So that being said I am going to have to take half a day off work when we are short staffed so that i may suffice your staff's schedule. Are you going to compensate me for the lost income??? I do not think so.

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