Eureka Social Security Office – 3144 Broadway

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Address: 3144 Broadway, Eureka, CA 95501
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Eureka Social Security office is located at 3144 Broadway. The Eureka office presents information, support and services managed by the Social Security Administration. The following page has information for this location like the office phone number, hours of operation and driving directions. If you have interests or doubts about your retirement Social Security benefits, or you need to schedule an appointment, contact the Eureka Social Security office.

Directions to the Eureka Social Security Office – 3144 Broadway Office

In Victoria Place Mall, Adjacent To Bayshore Mall

2 Reviews of the Eureka Social Security Office – 3144 Broadway Office
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Hannah Weatherbee

I receive SSDI and have been for about 4-5 yrs now I was told that my fiancee and I couldn't marry or I'd lose my benefits. Well after 10 yrs together want to marry so I want to know if it'll affect my benefits?

Susan E Harrington

The phone service I received from Spencer was terrific. He told me I could either come in to pick up a form I need or he could mail it to me. Friendly, clear and concise. Thanks, Spencer! I do wish, though, that he had told me I would have to take a number and wait for rather than just coming in, grabbing a form and filling it out. A rack with various forms for people to serve themselves (as they do with IRS forms at the post office) would expedite the process for some people.

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