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Address: 3216 N Cypress St, Wichita, KS 67226
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Wichita Social Security office is located at Wichita 67226. The Kansas SSA administers a variety of federally run programs like retirement, SSI, Medicare and disability benefits. The following page contains helpful contact information for this location such as the Social Security office phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions. If you have any comments or requests concerning your retirement Social Security benefits or interested in setting up an appointment, call the following Wichita Social Security office.

Directions to the Wichita Social Security Office – 3216 N Cypress St Office

We Are Located 1/2 Mile East Of Rock Road On The North Side Of Cypress St. The Office Is At The Bend Where 32nd St N Becomes Cypress St. Odar Is Across The Street On The South Side Of Cypress.

11 Reviews of the Wichita Social Security Office – 3216 N Cypress St Office
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furiously pissed

Absolutely terrible, I have called their number 12 times. yes 12 times! and i am on hold for over 40 minutes and they just hang up, i hear them talking while the phone is still ringing, well more laughing and joking rather than talking, so i know they are not busy. They REFUSE to answer any questions in person, they REFUSE to help in any way. When asking them in person, they redirect you to a sign that says to call the national line, which the national line can not schedule local appointments.. The website does not allow for scheduling appointments, the only way for you to get an appointment is to call, and as stated, they do not answer their phones. They are the worst employees i have ever seen, and i have been a federal employee for 3 different departments. Each member in the wichita branch at cypress hill deserve to be fired. rude, worthless wastes of human life. I file papers based on what their website says, and they return it without any information on what i did wrong. i have to reach out to different cities to do my social security work. not one employee at cypress hill ss office deserves a paycheck. literal trash


My wait time was about an hour and the gentleman that waited on me was excellent. It took him about 5 to 7 minutes to take care of my problem--see below if you want to see details. I am sorry I left with out getting his name because, as stated, he was fantastic dealing with a rather frustrated, angry customer! I called the 1-800 number to check on my being locked out of the Social Security web site. The Social security rep, Michael Dobb or Dopp, told me I'd never called on this issue before--records on my phone showed otherwise--and since my address was not a valid address--though I have quite a few letters from them at this address--he went on to explain that that was NOT POSSIBLE, because they have never mailed me anything to me at that address. Thus he would not help me to get my account unlocked and I had to go to my local Social Security office to do so. (Side note, the Social Security representative, at my local office, could see the records of my prior phone calls to the 1-800 number and also conform that I have been receiving mail at my address for years.)

sean stevens

Social security has done everything they can to withhold my benefits for my disability I'm a disabled veteran and I'm suffering my kids don't have enough to eat and neither do I social security has really blown me off unprofessional lost all my documents I sent them in the mail I think they did it on purpose unprofessional untrained I wish Donald Trump would do something!! this office is full of government employees that are overpaid and don't give a damn lazy lazy lazy plus they don't care about you they're paid to keep money from you!! What a corrupt disorganized dysfunctional organization!! That is supposed to help disabled people that in fact they are against disabled people and paying them anything their supervisors are paid to tell them to hold off as much money as possible paying anything they will use everything and anything against you in order to not pay you what you need for your family to survive totally disgusted with Social Security I'm disabled and I'm suffering and they have Jack me around for 6 months on correct payment for my benefits you can never get in on a phone call you can never talk to anybody and I'm too messed up to go down there

Mary Hutchinson

I needed to change my direct deposit information before the end of this month to ensure I received my check on time. The online change form gave me a choice of Sept. or Oct. (this is July) to take effect. I called the local office and spoke with Norma Jean, a personable young lady with a lovely laugh. She took the new information and said it would take effect before the end of the month. Panic averted! It was all very pleasant and she was courteous and cooperative. What more could I ask for!


I went at a busy time so my wait was about an hour. The process was orderly and courteous. The gentleman who helped me, Brian, was very professional.

Adnan Fayad Hudieb

Hello there . I have a hard getting an email address so I can ask questions.. Not everyone in the states.. I want Wichita directly .. I am far out of USA in thePhilippines Can you help me with that No 1 800 number to the embassy also no money or way to get to the embassy in Manila from


The wait was only a little under an hour and the security clearence was painless. The gentleman at the window I was assigned to was funny and kind. Not quite sure what all the other ratings are complaining about.


Needed a new card for a name change. I happened to get there 30 minutes early which was a good thing because there was already a huge line. Once I got inside I was called a few minutes after sitting down. The gentleman who helped me was very friendly and I was out of there in 10 minutes.

Margaret Broadrick

I called on Nov. 20th to inquire date of when ss check would be deposited. I thought it was a certain date. Miss Davis told me that it is not a certain date, but it is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Monday, Tuesday or whatever day of the week. She was very nice & veified all my information and gave me the infomation I was asking about. Miss Davis was very nice and helped me with my question.

Jade cummings

By far the worst staff I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I have had nothing but problems with the Wichita office since moving here two years ago. The staff will lie to your face. In the 20 years I’ve been on disability I have never had to deal with social security as much as I have had to in the last two years. It is almost impossible to get them to answer the phone if you call it is at least a hour wait on hold everytime and going into the office is even slower. Last time I was in the office I was there from 10 am until they closed being told every 30 minuets or so that they were almost done I ended up having to come back the next day and spend 3 more hours setting in the lobby.

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