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Address: 455 Sw 5th St, Des Moines, IA 50309
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Des Moines Social Security office is located at Des Moines 50309. The Iowa SSA controls separate federally run plans like retirement, SSI, Medicare and disability benefits. The following page contains useful contact information for this location such as the Social Security office phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding your retirement Social Security benefits or interested in setting up an appointment, call the following Des Moines Social Security office.

Directions to the Des Moines Social Security Office – 455 Sw 5th St Office

Office Is Located One Block West Of Principal Park, Minor League Ball Park; Or Two Blocks Southwest Of The Des Moines Science Center.

8 Reviews of the Des Moines Social Security Office – 455 Sw 5th St Office
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I have been trying to get disability benefits since I was 18 yrs old, now 48, actually disabled at 4 with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis. On my 3rd try ending in appeal and citizen's disability advocate quitting me a week before my judge hearing telling me I wouldn't make them enough money and left me to defend myself. I went to my hearing had a great judge and a great representative, Hattie Holmes from IA Lgl Aid. Was approved from judge to have my appointment with Jason in the Waterloo office. Jason, Tiffany, and Mark from the Waterloo office are excellent understanding people and deserve a good job praise for making my last 30 year journey to recieving just the approval that I was finally disabled according to federal government. They also have been helping speed up procedure due to our house badly flooded and getting our belongings stolen by squatters and thieves. I am seeing a light if a tunnel that I never thought would come so I could stop destroying joint by joint in my body. I cried when I looked to the sky and said Mom and Dad, you are tight... prayer and patients pay off. I can slow down my degeneration of my joints from pushing myself to support my 3 beautiful Kids, sometimes having 2 jobs to get Christmas in our home. Being a single parent that has disabilities, I probably would have changed nothing cuz it makes me a stronger person in my soul plus showed my kids as their mom, I am not a quitter but a survivor who was given strength by God and their love.

Judith Johnson

Please help me. I didn't not receive my November check after I moved and changed direct deposit Banks. The SS rep entered wrong bank numbers.

Martin Monroe

I need to change my address. And I also want to request a current BPQY. Please note that I was in disagreement over the last 2013 BPQY that said I over earned during 2012. I contacted the S.S.A. national office to inquire about how much I could ern, and I followed their information. In 2013 I was informed that I worked too many hours? I would appreciate a review and reassessment of my earnings at the Sacred Heart Parish. I can't access online, and local office number is not posted for the public? So my only other option is to call the national number 1213 and be on hold for 80 minutes last time!

Sylvia Townsend

It tends to get busy. Wait time average out between 1 and 1/2 hours. Otherwise I never had a problem with the agents there, great customer service. They answer all of my questions.

Elizabeth A Hansen

How much can I earn without being penalized . I am 74 years old

Susan utsler

My name is susan b Utsler my husband is frank d Utsler we have not received our new SS cards. Can u help me with this? Thank you susan utsler

Paiten Bauer

I had a terrible experience with the social security office. I've waited 6 weeks since mailing an application in only to find out that it was rejected. No one communicated that through the numerous phone calls I placed or any written communication whatsoever. How are we supposed to submit our actual driver's licenses in the mail when we need to drive? The woman that "assisted" me today was quite rude and her logic did not make any sense whatsoever. I waited an hour to speak with someone only to find out I have to return tomorrow!

David Allsup

How do I change my direct deposit to another bank

David Allsup

How do I change my direct deposit to another bank?

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