Omaha Social Security Office – 604 N 107th Ct

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Address: 604 N 107th Ct, Omaha, NE 68154
Hours: Open Now: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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The Omaha Social Security office is located at 604 N 109th Ct Old Mill Centre. The Omaha office shares information, help and services managed by the Social Security Administration. The following page includes information for this location like the office phone number, hours of operation and driving directions. If you have requests or issues about your retirement Social Security benefits, or you need to schedule an appointment, contact the Omaha Social Security office.

Directions to the Omaha Social Security Office – 604 N 107th Ct Office

Office Is Located At 108th And Dodge On The North Side. From Dodge Heading West, Take The Old Mill, 108th St Exit North. Follow The Curve To The Old Mill Centre. From West Dodge Heading East, Take The 120-114 St Old Mill Exit. Follow The Curve To 108th Ave; Turn Left, Then North At Old Mill Centre.

4 Reviews of the Omaha Social Security Office – 604 N 107th Ct Office
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John Cory Moore

Waited 75 mins. and disconnected by them x 4


It’s kind of a long wait but I understand there’s lots of people waiting for the same reason . But once they did answer my call they was very helpful !

Peter Walkley

Arrived 15 minutes before my appointment as requested, with all the information they said to bring. Check-in is easy and the guards were friendly. They called my name right about my appointment time (wasn't wearing a watch.) The young lady was pleasant, personable and knowledgeable, walked me through everything and had me out in 15 or 20 minutes. Make an appointment, bring all the information requested in their confirmation letter, and get there a little early.

Denise Rodriguez

I began calling the Omaha Social Security office around 9am. Finally reached somebody at 11am. She was a lovely person who truly took the time to sort things out. Unfortunately, while I was on hold, our call was dropped. I called back. Around 12:30 I reached a very negative person, who said to me, “if I only called to complain, I had the wrong number.” Then she said the long waits were Congress’ fault. Very displeased!

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