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Last Updated: June 20, 2022

This page covers all relevant information about the Port St. Lucie Social Security Office at 6810 S Us Highway 1, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952. In addition to the office phone number, we also provide driving directions, hours of operation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

For specific information about your Social Security benefits or to schedule an appointment, call the Port St. Lucie Social Security Office using the phone number listed below. The SSA representatives at the Port St. Lucie office location should be able to help with any important questions related to Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, SSI, or Medicare.

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Office & Contact Information

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6810 S Us Highway 1,
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
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Phone Number:

(866) 366-1627

Fax Number:

(833) 950-2202
Office Hours:
Monday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday: Closed Today
Sunday: Closed Today

Directions to the Port St. Lucie SSA Office

The Office is One Mile North Of Prima Vista Blvd On U.s. 1

Port St. Lucie Social Security Office Services

Every Social Security Office location offers similar services. From replacing your Social Security card to applying for Social Security retirement benefits, the office representatives should be able to help with any Social Security-related service. Below, we listed the services available at your local office in Port St. Lucie, Florida, but you can contact the office if you need more specific guidance.

  • Get a new or replacement Social Security card
  • Make changes to your Social Security card
  • Review your latest Social Security statement
  • Review your earnings history
  • Apply for retirement benefits
  • Estimate your retirement benefits
  • Receive a copy of your proof of benefits
  • Apply for SSDI or SSI benefits
  • Apply for Social Security survivor or spousal benefits
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Get a replacement Medicare card
  • Get direct deposit for your Social Security benefits

Online Services

Many Social Security services can now be done online. Not only can utilizing online services save you a trip to the Port St. Lucie office location, it will also usually result in faster processing times. Below you can find a list of some common Social Security services that are now offered online.

  • View your latest Social Security Statement
  • Review your earnings history
  • Estimate your retirement benefits
  • Check the status of your application
  • Apply for retirement benefits
  • Apply for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI)
  • Apply for Supplemental Security Income benefits(SSI)
  • Apply for Medicare benefits
  • Request an appeal for a decision
  • Change your address
  • Set up or change your direct deposit account
  • Print proof of benefits
  • Print your 1099
  • Request a replacement Social Security Card
  • Request a replacement Medicare Card

For other online services offered by Social Security, you can visit this page to get started.

Top Tips For Visiting The Port St. Lucie Office

1. Make An Appointment

To avoid waiting in line, the SSA strongly encourages people who can, to use the online services, call the office, and schedule appointments in advance rather than walking in without an appointment. Phone appointments can save you a trip to a busy office.

Be aware, the Port St. Lucie office tends to be busiest first thing in the morning, early in the week, and during the early part of the month. Consider planning to visit at other times.

2. Bring Necessary Documentation

When you call the SSA, be sure you to ask the representative what forms you will need to bring to your appointment. This will prevent you from having to come back again if you forget your documentation. Here are some documents you may need to bring: US birth certificate, US passport, Social Security Card, etc.

You can use this checklist to help you gather the information you need to apply. They request different documents depending on your circumstances. Remember that the SSA must see original document(s), or copies certified by the agency that issued them.

3. Write Down a List of Questions

This will make sure that you get all of your questions answered during your appointment and will save you time.

4. Be Prompt or Early

Whether you make an appointment or not, it’s always a good idea to show up 15 minutes early. You never know what kind of delays might come up on your way to the Port St. Lucie office.

5. Be Polite and Patient

Keep in mind that the Claims Representative you speak to talks with a lot of people each day, and some of them are frustrated and difficult. Your patience and kindness will go a long way to helping you get the service you deserve and getting all your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are Social Security cards free?

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  • How do I know if Social Security is calling me?

  • How does the coronavirus (COVID-19) impact Social Security?

  • What documents do I need to apply for Social Security?

  • What is the best way to contact Social Security?

  • How do I create a my Social Security account?

  • Can I apply for SSI at the Port St. Lucie office?

  • What is the full retirement age for Social Security?

1 Review of the Port St. Lucie Social Security Office 34952 Office

Ilya Fenchikov

4 years ago

Efficient and as easy to navigate through as can be expected. I have never had an inordinately long wait, nor been turned away for a technicality - staff is helpful and professional, appointments are handled well and the line moves quickly. This is a good office but it can be crowded, so plan ahead.

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