How to Replace a Social Security Card in Colorado

Replacing your Social Security card in Colorado is a straightforward and simple process.

That’s fortunate for U.S. citizens, because along with your state identification card, driver’s license and birth certificate, your Social Security card is one of your most important personal documents.

You may know your Social Security Number, but the card itself is required for a lot of things you might not immediately think of, like gaining employment, collecting your Social Security benefits or even opening up a new bank account.

Remember to keep your card in a secure place once you receive your replacement.

4 Steps To Replace Social Security Card in Colorado

1. Complete an SS-5 Application

Before you can get your new or replacement card, you’ll need to complete the SS-5 application form from the SSA. This is a required government form needed to:

  • Apply for an original Social Security card
  • Apply for a replacement Social Security card
  • Updating information on your Social Security number record, like a name change, for example.

You can find this form online on the Social Security Administration website here, and either send it in the mail or take it in-person to your local Social Security office in Colorado.

2. Collect all required information for your card replacement application

Depending upon your age, citizen status and what type of service you’re applying for, you’ll need different types of documentation.

If you’re just looking to replace your Social Security card in Colorado, you’ll need:

  • One document to prove your identity and date of birth (state ID, U.S. passport, etc.)

That’s it, unless you were born outside of the United States., in which case you will need to provide documents to prove your U.S. citizenship or current, lawful, work-authorized status.

3. Submit your replacement card application to your Social Security Office

After finalizing your form SS-5 application and collecting your necessary documentation, it’s time to get them to your local Social Security Office.

You can either do this in person or via the mail. For Colorado residents, it will usually take between 10 and 14 days to receive your replacement card.

4. Make sure all of your information is accurate

Many citizens overlook this, but it’s important to confirm that your application was completed successfully and your new Social Security card is valid.

You can confirm this by calling your local SSA office.

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