Kansas Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers issued to Kansas fall between 509-01-0001 and 515-98-9999.

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About this Data

SSNs issued before June 25, 2011 are linked to where the number was issued which is often the same as where the cardholder was born. After 2011, SSN issuance was randomized. Not every SSN in the range above is necessarily valid.

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Social Security Number First Year Issued Last Year Issued Estimated Age of Cardholder Valid SSN?
509-01-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-02-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
509-03-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-04-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
509-05-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-06-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
509-07-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-08-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
509-09-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-10-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-11-xxxxunknownunknown17 to 25 yrsValid
509-12-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-13-xxxxunknownunknown16 to 24 yrsValid
509-14-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-15-xxxx1998199821 to 22 yrsValid
509-16-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-17-xxxxunknownunknown13 to 21 yrsValid
509-18-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-19-xxxxunknownunknown11 to 19 yrsValid
509-20-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-21-xxxx2002200217 to 18 yrsValid
509-22-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-23-xxxx2004200415 to 16 yrsValid
509-24-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-25-xxxx2006200613 to 15 yrsValid
509-26-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-27-xxxx2007200712 to 13 yrsValid
509-28-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-29-xxxx2009200910 to 12 yrsValid
509-30-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
509-31-xxxx201020109 to 10 yrsValid
509-32-xxxxunknownunknown72 to 84 yrsValid
509-33-xxxx201120118 to 9 yrsValid
509-34-xxxxunknownunknown71 to 83 yrsValid
509-36-xxxx1954195477 to 82 yrsValid
509-38-xxxxunknownunknown68 to 80 yrsValid
509-40-xxxxunknownunknown67 to 79 yrsValid
509-42-xxxx1958195873 to 78 yrsValid
509-44-xxxx1960196071 to 76 yrsValid
509-46-xxxx1962196269 to 74 yrsValid
509-48-xxxxunknownunknown60 to 72 yrsValid
509-50-xxxxunknownunknown60 to 72 yrsValid
509-52-xxxx1964196467 to 72 yrsValid
509-54-xxxxunknownunknown58 to 70 yrsValid
509-56-xxxx1967196764 to 69 yrsValid
509-58-xxxxunknownunknown55 to 67 yrsValid
509-60-xxxxunknownunknown54 to 66 yrsValid
509-62-xxxxunknownunknown53 to 65 yrsValid
509-64-xxxxunknownunknown52 to 64 yrsValid
509-66-xxxxunknownunknown51 to 63 yrsValid