Maryland Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers issued to Maryland fall between 212-01-0001 and 220-98-9999.

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About this Data

SSNs issued before June 25, 2011 are linked to where the number was issued which is often the same as where the cardholder was born. After 2011, SSN issuance was randomized. Not every SSN in the range above is necessarily valid.

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Social Security Number First Year Issued Last Year Issued Estimated Age of Cardholder Valid SSN?
212-01-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-02-xxxxunknownunknown41 to 53 yrsValid
212-03-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-04-xxxxunknownunknown40 to 52 yrsValid
212-05-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-06-xxxxunknownunknown39 to 51 yrsValid
212-07-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-08-xxxxunknownunknown38 to 50 yrsValid
212-09-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-10-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-11-xxxxunknownunknown37 to 49 yrsValid
212-12-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-13-xxxxunknownunknown37 to 49 yrsValid
212-14-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-15-xxxxunknownunknown36 to 48 yrsValid
212-16-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-17-xxxxunknownunknown36 to 48 yrsValid
212-18-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-19-xxxxunknownunknown23 to 31 yrsValid
212-20-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-21-xxxxunknownunknown23 to 31 yrsValid
212-22-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-23-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-24-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-25-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-26-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-27-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-28-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-29-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-30-xxxx1950195081 to 99 yrsValid
212-31-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-32-xxxxunknownunknown72 to 84 yrsValid
212-33-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-34-xxxx1953195378 to 83 yrsValid
212-35-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-36-xxxx1955195576 to 81 yrsValid
212-37-xxxx1992199227 to 30 yrsValid
212-38-xxxxunknownunknown67 to 79 yrsValid
212-39-xxxxunknownunknown18 to 26 yrsValid
212-40-xxxx1958195873 to 78 yrsValid
212-41-xxxxunknownunknown17 to 25 yrsValid
212-42-xxxx1960196071 to 76 yrsValid
212-43-xxxxunknownunknown17 to 25 yrsValid
212-44-xxxxunknownunknown62 to 74 yrsValid
212-45-xxxxunknownunknown16 to 24 yrsValid
212-46-xxxxunknownunknown61 to 73 yrsValid
212-47-xxxxunknownunknown15 to 23 yrsValid
212-48-xxxxunknownunknown60 to 72 yrsValid
212-49-xxxxunknownunknown15 to 23 yrsValid
212-50-xxxxunknownunknown60 to 72 yrsValid